This is where you can learn more about transitional housing, find help locating it for a loved one, and learn more about what to expect after they are released.

Finding transitional housing can be one of the most difficult challenges the person being released, their friends and/or family will face.

What is transitional housing?  Simply put, it’s a place for someone to stay until they are able to obtain their own housing.  This could range from a mat on a floor in a shelter, to a bed in a semi-private or private room.  But transitional housing will almost always involve a group of unrelated people living together.

You have two choices:

  • Spend hours trying to find suitable arrangements on your own
  • Let Hope Prison Ministries help you find suitable arrangements for your loved one in two easy steps:

Why would you pay for what you can do yourself?

  1. You’ve already spent hours and can’t seem to find what you’re seeking.
  2. From its experience, Hope Prison Ministries has many resources already on file and knows who to call to find more.
  3. Your time is more valuable than what we are asking.
  4. You donation will help us help others

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